Straw Shredder 

Introduction to Straw Shredder:
The straw shredder is one of the crushing plant developed by Yugong Machinery, which is mainly used for crushing agricultural plants growing within a year, such as cotton stalks, corn stalks, eggplant vine, peppers vine and so on, and the crushing length can be customized according to customer requirements.

The crushed material can be used for the manufacture of organic fertilizer, fuel, chipboard, paper, etc. The straw shredder makes it possible turning green wastes into treasure, which plays an important role in creating new economic value and environment protection.

Features of Straw Shredder:
• Automatic feed, convenient operation, high production efficiency;
• Smooth operation, drum-type continuous grinding, safe and reliable working with dynamic balancing treatment;
• Durable, steel components, high-aligning bearings, long service life;
• Low use cost, small power, excellent performance of cutters with double-sided blade, service life of 500-1000 hours, repeated regrinding.
• Convenient movement: trailer mobile straw shredder can be produced according to customer requirements, convenient for field production. 

Parameters of Straw Shredder:

Model Power Hammer 
Weight Dimension Capacity
320 2.2-3 12 4600 100 900*700*750 180-300
360 3-5 14 4000 120 1230*635*968 300-400
400 5.5-7.5 12 4000 180 960*800*800 450-600
420 7.5-11 16 3800 200 950*850*880 500-650
500 11-15 24 3600 220 960*880*900 600-800
600 15-18.5 24 3400 300 980*900*950 700-1200

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