Pinus Sylvestris Pellet Machine


Pinus-sylvestris-PELLETSPinus sylvestris mainly grow in northeast China and Russia, which is an important raw material for manufacturing furniture. Its sawdust and scrap also has a high economic value, sale as fuel, for example. So sylvestris scrap recycling has become very necessary, and pinus sylvestris pellet machines are designed for this purpose.

A pinus sylvestris pellet machine produced by Yugong Machinery is a centrifugal wood pellets making machine, and the core part of this pinus sylvestris pellet machine is the "double-layer ring die" and the rollers are made by abrasion-proof alloy steel.

The pellet machine can process materials such as all kinds of wood materials(sawdust, chips, wood wastes), rice husk, sunflower seed husk, peanut shell and other fruit shell branch, trunk, bark, crop straws, etc. The pinus sylvestris pellet machine can be widely used in the feed plant, wood processing, fuel plant, fertilizer plant and chemical plant etc. It is an ideal wood waste pelletizing equipment with low investment and high profit.

Pellet machine models: LGX-900, LGX-550, LGX-450

Why Yugong Pellet Machine?

1. 30 years experience in pellet machine manufacturing and exporting;
2. Our pellet making machine has exported to India, Argentina, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Russia, Turkey, Canada, Egypt, Hungary, Zambia, UAE, Slovenia , etc.
3. Current hot sales in Thailand and Vietnam;
4. 3-year guarantee of Yugong pellets machine and parts;
5. Professional overseas installation instructions.
6. Fast shipping, high quality, favorable price!!!



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