Product Description:

The sawdust dryer is a hot air pipe dryer with twice circulate heating system. It is designed with automatic feeding, high speed hot airflow, fully contacting between hot air and materials, strong hot stream strength, less dust and large capacity.

Besides the sawdust, the pipe dryer can also be employed to dry other crushed biomass materials such as wood chips, straw, stalk, nutshell, bagasse, etc. The moisture of feeding raw material can be reach 50%. This dryer is composed of a heating furnace, feeding part, motor engine, steel pipe, cyclone and air lock.

Technical Parameters:
Model QHJ-1 QHJ-2
Dimension of Stove (m) 1.1*1.0*1.0 1.5*1.2*1.2
Dia of Pipe (mm) 219 325
Dia of Cyclone (mm) 600 1000
Dia of Small Buffer Silo (mm) - 636
Dia of Big Buffer Silo (mm) 580 950
Induced Draft Fan (kw) 5.5 11
Speed Adjustable Screw Feeder
1.5 1.5
Total Length  (m) 11.8 14.6
Total Weight  (t) 2.2 3.2
Capacity (kgs/h)
(drying sawdust, beginning moisture 
around 40%,final around 14%
300-500 800
(totally 2 small buffer silo and 2 big buffer silo,
can be combined freely to realize biggest capacity 
or best drying effect.)


20131212165419 Rotary Drum Dryer
20131212165419 800kg/h Hot Air Sawdust Dryer Machine
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